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Alterations appointments are one hour long and take place in my home studio.
Pricing depends on the complexity of work needed. General estimates are shown below.

Alterations: Services

Bridal Gowns

  • Hem $200-350

  • Side Seams (take in/let out) $85-150

  • Darts (take in/add new) - $65-110

  • Shoulder (raise/drop) - $55-110

  • Straps (tighten) - $15-30

  • Sleeves (shorten/take in/let out) - $40-80

  • Bustle points - $8 each



  • Side Seams (take in/let out) - $45-65

  • Darts (take in/add new) - $35-45

  • Hem - $45-65

  • Straps (tighten) - $15-20

  • Shoulder (raise/drop) - $45-65


Special Occasion

  • Side Seams (take in/let out) - $45-65

  • Darts (take in/add new) - $35-45

  • Hem - $45-75

  • Straps (tighten) - $15-20

  • Shoulder (raise/drop) - $45-65



What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Whatever shoes you plan on wearing for your event and any undergarments that will change the fit, such as Spanx, bustiers, or bras. Whatever you do, don't forget your shoes! The height of your hem and bustle are completely dependent on your height and what size heel you are planning to wear.

What if I am changing into flats during my event?

If you are plannning on changing into more comfortable shoes, please understand that I can only hem for one length. If the change is only a couple of inches the difference is not usually too bad, but if you are going from 4 inch heels to flats, your hem will then be 4 inches too long when you change shoes and will drag. In this case I generally recommend hemming for the taller shoes so your dress is the correct length for photos instead of too short.

What if I'm planning on losing weight?

Lets's talk about it. Generally people do not change weight enough between fittings for this to be a problem, and everyone changes differently.

What if I am not satisfied with something?

Tell me!! I am here for you, if you have any questions on how something is fitting, or are unhappy with how something looks or feels I want to know about it, and find a solution. My studio is a safe space and you will not hurt my feelings by pointing something out. If you don't know it's a problem, I can't fix it.

What payment do you accept?

Cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal

Can I bring anyone with me to my appointment?

Yes! I know alterations appointments can be daunting, so you are welcome to bring someone with you. However due to COVID and the size of my studio I do ask that you only bring one to two people with you at this time.

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Online Booking Available!

We now have an online booking option! First appointment should be scheduled for 2-3 months before the wedding. Please contact us if you have any issues, and thank you for your patience while we work out any kinks.

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